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All you need is a personal                           relationship with Jesus!

All you need is a personal relationship with Jesus or is more needed? On one occasion, I  was at a function at an Evangelical Church in the Milwaukee area.  Afterwards there was a get together with a few of us in the Cafeteria of the Church. At some point, the person sitting next to me on my right realized that I was Catholic. He asked me the question "On my meeting with Jesus, what would I tell Jesus is the reason I should be saved?'  I rephrased the question and asked him, "Are you asking me, what must I do to spend everlasting life with God in Heaven?"  He said, "Yes."  I said to him, "I will answer your question if you answer your own question first."  And he said, "will you promise not to change your answer after I have answered?"  I said, "I absolutely will not change my answer." 

He said "all you have to do is have a personal relationship with Jesus."  I said to him, "Judas had a personal relationship with Jesus, and Jesus said of Judas 'It would have been better for that one not to have been born'" (Mt 28:24).  He was stunned; he didn't know how to respond to this.  He, looked at the person across from me and said, "did you hear what he just said?"  

In the end, I think he realized that his answer was at best, incomplete.  Both Satan and Judas had personal relationships with Jesus.  They, having  their own agenda didn't want to obey, Jesus.  There are people who claim that all we need is a personal relationship with Jesus; obedience to what He says is not necessary.  Remember, we are not to imitate the disobedience of Judas and Satan; we are to imitate the other Apostles who did obey Jesus.