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Ascension of Mary, Protestant teaching; Assumption of Mary, Catholic teaching.

Lynne, you said you did your homework.  If you did your homework, you would not be making reference to the Ascension of Mary.  The Catholic Church does not teach the Ascension of Mary: this is a Protestant teaching to be found in anti-Catholic writing.  We believe in the Ascension of Jesus and the ASSUMPTION OF MARY; ...so much for all your Catholic reading.  Like so many you don’t read Catholic books, but excerpts from Catholic books in anti-Catholic literature.  Here is the primary place where you get the Ascension of Mary; it is in Boettner’s monumental work against the Catholic Church. 

“There are some who ignore the distinction between ascension and assumption in order to make assumption appear un-Biblical.  Loraine Boettner, who wrote extensively against the Catholic Church, uses the word “ascension” in place of the word “assumption.”  “Her resurrection and ascension are made to parallel Christ’s resurrection and ascension(4) .   In so doing he misrepresents the Church in order to convince people that the Catholic Church is wrong.  If the Catholic Church is so wrong wouldn’t it make sense for Boettner and others to represent the Church correctly and then try to refute it.”  

Lynne, you either were deliberately lying or you’re speaking in ignorance when you referenced the “Ascension of Mary.”  If you spoke in ignorance I guess you were not doing the Catholic reading as you said you did.   You were actually citing anti-Catholic literature and Protestant teaching not to be confused with Catholic teaching. 

Also you mention the Catholic teaching, the Holy “Trinity,” that you do believe in.  I compliment you for this, but do you realize that the word “Trinity” is not in the Bible. Where does it come from?  Yes, that’s right it comes from the Catholic Church, the same Church that gives us the Bible in the 4th century and all of those Greek manuscripts that Catholics and Protestants alike use to come up with new interpretations of the Bible.  These were all hand written by Catholic monks in a room scriptorium.  The most Biblical Church on the face of this earth is the Catholic Church. There is no other Church that is more Biblical.  

Since you claim to read Catholic literature and I know you do not intend to take up my first challenge,  I ask you to take up a 2nd challenge.  Read the book Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating.   But, let me warn you, they have a name for people who go from anti-Catholic literature to Catholic literature.   They are called Catholics.   

The great Presbyterian scholar Scott Hahn had a question for each of his friends who were trying to save him from the clutches of the Catholic Church; he asked them if they had read any books by Catholic scholars from cover to cover.   They all said no; they had never read any book by a Catholic scholar from cover to cover.   In order to save Scott from the Catholic Church, now they are forced to read these books in order to refute the Catholic Church.   And when they did, some of them almost beat Scott to the Church. 

Lynne, you have no intention of taking me up on my first challenge because it is impossible, but how about my 2nd challenge