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Why are so many Evangelicals                           returning to Rome!

This video from VCY America in Milwaukee is from an Evangelical perspective.                 Why Evangelicals are Returning to Rome; the Abandonment of Sola Scriptura as a                        Formal Principle. Evangelicals are finding this to be very problematic. http://newcovenantjournal.blogspot.com/2010/07/why-evangelicals-are-returning-to-rome.html 

I found the broad cast to be fascinating and might I add, very honest on their part.                          Although towards the end of the video they are making some statements that are             historically inaccurate; never-the-less, I found their questioning to be honest. This is             one of the few times that I have seen Evangelicals actually focus and admit they                      have problems in Evangelical Christianity.

Furthermore, this was coming from a decidedly anti-Catholic Protestant network. They                 are willing to discuss openly what has been happening for years now the exodus of                        Evangelical ordained ministers to Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. They also                mention briefly EWTN, the program Journey Home and the moderator Marcus Grodi, a                convert from Evangelical Christianity. The moderator Ingrid Slater asked Bob DeWay;

“Let’s talk about the problem; what do you think is the seed bed (this                  is sort of a rhetorical question; everybody knows what a mess                              Evangelicalism is as a whole today doctrinally speaking). What is                        setting people up for this disenchantment and the willingness to look                 to Roman Catholicism?”

Here are some of the Problems that Bob Dewar lists.

  1. The Seeker Movement took the Bible out of Churches.
  2. People are not steeped in solid Bible teaching.
  3. Big churches that don’t preach the Bible.
  4. The influx of mystical practices, contemplative prayer, the labyrinths.
  5. Seminaries that are training therapeutic practitioners rather than theologians.
  6. The idea that we have to justify our practices and beliefs from Scripture,                              that was what Luther and the other reformers said has gone away.

The moderator then mentioned a book “Coming Home, by Fr Peter [Eastern Rite] (I am               not even going to use the term father). . . He used to head up Campus Crusade here in              the Midwest.” Evidently he is now heading up an organization helping Evangelical                        ministers come into the Eastern rite Churches. If you want to know why he made his                     move from Evangelical Protestantism you can listen to the video.

For years I would listen to Evangelicals boast of the fact that their churches were filled                  with. Now the tide is changing. Some Evangelicals seem to be oblivious to the fact of                   this large exodus of Evangelical ministers to Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches                   and they are taking many lay people with them.  It is interesting to note that some of                      these converts were sent to save other Evangelicals from the clutches of the Catholic                     Church.  They could no longer get their information from anti-Catholic literature.  They                were now for the first time reading entire books on the Catholic Church, by Catholic                     authors, in order to find the antidote so they could refute the Church. Through the                          reading of these books they found themselves understanding the Church for the first                      time. In the end some of these same people who were sent to save their friends fell in                    love with the Catholic Church they were taught to hate.  

I also found the name of the Evangelical video to be very honest; “Why Evangelicals                    are Returning to Rome."   The implication is simple; if Evangelicals are returning, this                  means at some point in time they did leave Rome.  Either, they left Rome or their                          ancestors left Rome. All of the Protestant reformers were Catholic including  Fr. Martin                Luther, Fr. Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin and many others.  This is why when someone                  becomes Catholic, we say, "Welcome Home."

Bob Deway is being very honest in his critique of what he perceives to be the problems                 in Evangelical Christianity.  He is suggesting that Evangelicals are leaving because of                   problems in Evangelical Christianity.  However, I don't think he is correct. They are                      actually leaving because they are reading from Catholic sources and discovering a very                 different Church then what their anti-Catholic sources were presenting.  Anti-Catholic                  literature is no longer enough.  There are some wonderful Evangelicals out there and                     they want to know the truth. They are studying real history and finding the Catholic                      Church. They are doing in depth studies on the early Church Fathers and discovering,                   not Evangelical Christianity, but Catholicism.  And then they discover the unthinkable;                the Bible is Catholic! 

One person, who the Baptist station VCY mentions, is a Presbyterian minister by the                     name of Marcus Grodi, who became Catholic. I was listening to Marcus Grodi speak on             the EWTN program "The Journey Home."  On the one hand, Marcus led Catholics out                  of the Catholic Church, to his church, using the Bible. His expression was, “SHOW IT              TO ME IN THE BIBLE.” On the other hand, he remembers when he first realized the              Bible owes its existence to the Catholic Church.   

"I remember the strange empty feeling when I             realized that the only reason that I have the Bible             was the Catholic Church." 


Conversion: Francis J. Beckwith, the ex-president of the Evangelical Theological                          Society, an association of nearly 5,000 Protestant theologians, resigned in 2007 to                  rejoin the Roman Catholic Church.