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71. Blood Money It was written by a former abortion clinic owner.  Most women who have abortions deeply regret it.

Marge Corbitt: I've researched abortion for a book. A good book to read is "Blood Money." It was written by a "former" abortion clinic owner. Most women who have abortions deeply regret it. They are so wounded. Even the few who still say they thought it was the right decision are sad about it. And it was the few. Again the majority are quiet, wounded, addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex and yes even multiple abortions. Some commit suicide, and some slowly kill themselves through addiction. One man told me his wife won't talk about it, and he cries when he thinks about it. The children are the fatalities, the mothers and fathers, the wounded. I know good people who had abortions good people who are now wonderful parents. Pray for those who are wounded by abortion.