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Gloating over child sex abuse scandals while ignoring the larger scandals in Protestant and secular settings!  


Abuse cases fell dramatically after 1995 Spirit Daily

By Steven O’Keefe

In mid-August (2018) the attorney general of Pennsylvania released their grand jury report on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.  The full text can be found [here].

It’s been the subject of much discussion and reporting, and it seems like every Catholic blogger on the planet has an opinion about it.  What led to the abuse?  Who is to blame? What do we do about it?

I’m interested in those questions, of course. They are critical to the safety of our kids and the well-being of the Church in America.  But I don’t think I have anything useful to add to the matter.

So today I’ll do what I’m good at… crunching data.  I’ve now gone through 800 pages of abuse reports — (a challenging task on multiple levels) — and kept some stats along the way.

Is there anything we can learn from the data itself?

Let’s find out.

 "Now, when the Pennsylvania Report came out, it led to headlines which implied the abuse crisis was continuing unabated, as if there had never been any decrease in incidents."

For the full story please go to: https://spiritdaily.org/blog/news/abuse-cases-fell-dramatically-after-1995


Linda Fossen: “I am a survivor of 10 years of sexual abuse at the hands of my preacher father. I have now become an advocate for victims of abuse. For years I have been saying that when the full scope of the abuse within the evangelical church comes to light, the Catholics will pale in comparison. I have talked to thousands of abuse victims and it would shock you how many are preacher’s kids, missionary kids and kids who have grown up in evangelical homes. The problem with tracking these numbers is because the evangelicals don’t have the hierarchical system that the Catholics do. Abuse victims can’t take it ‘up the chain of command’ because so many of these churches have no accountability.

I seriously warn evangelicals about gloating over the Catholic scandals because our day is coming and it isn’t going to be pretty when we see what has been swept under the rug for decades. God is cleaning his church and this is a day that I have long prayed for. May every pedophile and predator preacher be exposed and may our churches become safe havens for the brokenhearted.”

Lenny Alt: I am hard on the Evangelicals because much of the criticisms against the Catholic Church are coming from the Evangelicals. On the other hand, I have just quoted an Evangelical who has the big picture. Linda Fossen is not trashing the Catholic Church, she is not confessing the sins of others. And she is not trashing her own Evangelical Church, but exposing things that are happening that are detrimental to the children of her Church and to the faith of many. She is truly an Evangelical Christian who loves her church without any vendetta against other churches and she wants the issue to be dealt with in her Church. She just doesn't happen to think that trashing the Catholic Church is an adequate way of dealing with the large child sex abuse problem in Evangelical churches. In my opinion, she is very much an angel of light in an otherwise very dark world and is an inspiration to us all.

Linda's commentary is warning against gloating over Catholic scandals. At the same time the Pennsylvania report is gloating over Catholic scandals while ignoring the larger child sex abuse scandals in other settings. The way the Pennsylvania report is presented is simply a case of anti-Catholic bigotry because it covers up and ignores the scandals in the Evangelical, Protestant and secular settings while celebrating Catholic scandals. The report would have all of us believe that the issue has not been dealt with when in fact the number of incidents has gone down significantly as both the chart and article above show. This means that the issue is being dealt with even though the Pennsylvania report does not acknowledge this. 

The secular press meets the truth with silence: I guess it just isn't newsworthy to report on the sex abuse crisis taking place in Evangelical and Protestant churches.  Why the silence on the part of the secular media? Here is part of an article written by Karen Stephenson, in April of 2010 and she does a good job of putting things in perspective.

"Mainstream media focuses on Catholic sex abuse scandals yet many denominations have clergy who sexually abuse. Sex abusers are in most faiths.

There is no shortage of news that reveals cases of sex abuse in the Catholic Church because mainstream media is diligently reporting these stories. However, there are other news stories that are just as serious and involve other faiths in which their clergy are sexually abusing children. For years, religious and victims’ rights organizations have been seeking church sex abuse data that includes all faiths, not just the Catholic. 

“The Catholic Church Sex Abuse Stats: Father Jonathan Morris is a Roman Catholic priest in New York City and he is also a news contributor for Fox News Channel. In a recent news story, Father Jonathon stated that heavy media scrutiny forced the Catholic Church to open the books on how many sex abuse cases there have been. Since 1950, 13,000 credible accusations were brought against Catholic priests; this averages 228 cases per year. 

Sex Abuse in Protestant Churches: Three insurance companies in the United States that provide liability coverage for 165,000 Protestant churches revealed data to the Associated Press that they typically receive 260 reports every year of children being sexually abused by Protestant clergy or other staff. 

If these are accurate, then on average, there are 32 more sex abuse cases per year in the non-Catholic churches. As Father Jonathan stated in his news story, “The mainstream media has all but ignored the recent Associated Press report.”   http://www.catholicmilwaukee.com/sex-abuse--not-just-catholic.html


Billy Graham's grandson exposes the truth about Evangelical sex abuse: I said before that I am hard on Evangelicals on this issue because there are many of them who are unfairly trashing the Catholic Church on this issue.  At the same time, there are some wonderful Evangelicals out there who have a sense of humility and love for truth.   They are quite willing to talk about the sex abuse scandals in Evangelical churches and don’t have a need to trash other Churches in the process.  One of them happens to be Billy Graham’s grandson and this is what he reports.

“The Christian mission field 'is a magnet' for sex abusers," Boz Tchividjian, a Liberty University law professor who investigates abuse said Thursday (Sept. 26) to a room of journalists. 

While comparing evangelicals to Catholics on abuse response, “I think we are worse,” he said at the Religion Newswriters Association conference. But it’s harder to track.

“Protestants can be very arrogant when pointing to Catholics,” said Tchividjian, a grandson of evangelist Billy Graham and executive director of Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE), which has investigated sex abuse allegations.

Earlier this summer, GRACE spearheaded an online petition decrying the “silence” and “inattention” of evangelical leaders to sexual abuse in their churches.

Mission agencies, “where abuse is most prevalent, ” often don’t report abuse because they fear being tossed from countries, he said. Abusers will get sent home and might join another agency. Of known data from abuse cases, 25 percent are repeat cases.

Still, he says, he sees some positive movements among some Protestants. Bob Jones University has hired GRACE to investigate abuse allegations, a move that encourages Tchividjian, a former Florida prosecutor. ”That’s like the mothership of fundamentalism,” he said. His grandfather Billy Graham split with Bob Jones in a fundamentalist and evangelical division.

“The Protestant culture is defined by independence,” Tchividjian said. Evangelicals often frown upon transparency and accountability, he said, as many Protestants rely on Scripture more than religious leaders, compared to Catholics.

Abusers discourage whistle blowing by condemning gossip to try to keep people from reporting abuse, he said. Victims are also told to protect the reputation of Jesus.  Too many Protestant institutions have sacrificed souls in order to protect their institutions, he said. "We’ve got the gospels backwards,” he said.

Tchividjian said he is speaking with Pepperdine University, a Church of Christ school in California, about creating a national GRACE center.”


Some Evangelicals are leading the charge to trash the Catholic Church in the midst of these scandals.  At the same time there are some very wonderful Evangelical Christians and other Protestants out there who believe that gloating over Catholic scandals will not solve the large child sex abuse problems in their own churches.

Linda Fossen, an Evangelical who truly has the bigger picture: "I seriously warn evangelicals about gloating over the Catholic scandals because our day is coming and it isn’t going to be pretty when we see what has been swept under the rug for decades."


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