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Struck by lightning A Clinical Death  A Judgment Going to Hell, A second chance!

From the 101 times # 93 

A direct lightning strike burned Dr. Gloria Polo so severely that her doctors gave her no chance for survival.  For several days, she lay unconscious on a life-support system. 

While in this comatose state, she had an experience of life after death.  Later, after a miraculous healing, she began giving testimony to God’s mercy.  Formerly a believer in reincarnation, now she tells of the unrepeatability of our life on earth, and of her experiences in Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell… and about evil spirits in our world. 

How it happened. On May 5, 1995, at a university, she was walking with her 23 year old nephew, also a dentist, when, in a bad rain storm, they were struck by lightning.  Her nephew was a holy young man who had given himself over to the Lord, and was very devout to the Infant Jesus.   

He always carried the Infant Jesus Image inside a quartz crystal next to his heart.  The lightening entered him through the image and burned his heart, but left no exterior burns on his body.  In a probable state of grace, he died immediately. 

She, however, was wearing a copper intrauterine device (an excellent electrical conductor) which pulverized her ovaries, left her without breasts, and burned her stomach, legs, liver, kidneys, and lungs.  

A Single Prayer saved Her Soul.She died later, but was brought back to life by Jesus, who showed her that ONE PRAYER of a poor peasant farmer, who read about her in a newspaper, saved her soul! 

The Center of Her Life. When she came back to life, the most horrible pain was that of her vanity.  She admits that she was enslaved to her body, beauty, and fashion.  She worked out for four hours each day, with massage therapies and diets, being mainly concerned with having a beautiful body.  She thought, “Since I have such beautiful breasts, and legs, I might as well show them off.” 

That was the center of her life… her love toward her body.  But now, there was no body, just some horrible holes.  In particular, her left breast had practically vanished and her legs were the worst… empty gaps with no flesh, completely charred and blackened. 

Having revived in the hospital, they quickly moved her to and operating room, where they began scraping off all her burned tissue.  While under anesthesia, she came out of her body a second time. 

Jesus told her, “You will repeat your testimony thousands of times!  Woe to those who do not change their ways despite having heard you, for they will be judged much more severely, because the worst deafness is that of a man who refuses to hear.”


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