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Rapheal Kervin Sebastian Dan Messimer this is where the bible clearly describes the Catholic Church, now show me where your "church" is in the bible.

ACTS 9:31...
he men oun EKKLESIA KATH HOLES tes Ioudaias kai Galilaias kai Samareias eichen eirenen oikodomoumene kai poreoumene to phobo tou kuriou kai te paraklesei to hagiou pneumatos eplethuneto

KATH HOLES comes from two words KATA & HOLOS which later developed into KATHOLIKOS and CATHOLIC:
origin ME: from OFr. CATHOLIQUE or late L. CATHOLICUS, from Gk KATHOLIKOS ‘UNIVERSAL’, from KATA ‘in respect of’ + HOLOS ‘whole’.

So there is EKKLESIA KATH HOLES in the Bible. That’s the Church throughout the land (Catholic Church) that grows throughout Galilee, Judea, and Samaria, but was actually started in Jerusalem [Luke 24:47] and was persecuted that’s why it was transferred into Rome [Matthew 21:43 & Acts 23:11], and became known throughout the entire world [Romans 1:7-8].

Now show me where yours is in the bible.Acts chapter 9BIBLESTUDYMANUALS.NET
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