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Chilling: Inside a Demon House RITA WALES: RESPONSE TO INSIDE A DEMON HOUSE: Very Interesting. I've been listening to Revelation Radio to and from work also and that is interesting. My Catholic friend Sarah Quinonis told me about Father Stephen I think it is at 5pm and sure am enjoying it.  I grew up in a house with Quigi boards, levitations, and performing séances. Spell check on all the spellings. demons were common to us as kids and I felt them enter me when I was like two years old and knew they were demons. Scary stuff. I was an Astrologer of sorts before salvation and had the ability or insight to guess people's exact birthday. I asked JESUS to take It all away from me and HE did. :)  Delivered from all of it. Took some years, and now when someone asks me what sign I am I tell them: "THE SIGN OF THE CROSS". They always look puzzled and say oh which one is that? hahahahahah. Love ya.

This entire house was marked with a blood-type substance that would be on the walls and the ceiling,” Cranmer said. “I watched black shadows that slid along the floor and the walls,” said Adam Blai, a psychologist who trains priests in exorcism. On the direction of then-Bishop Donald Wuerl, exorcists and priests assisted the Cranmers to rid the spirit, which became more resistant over time. Hell is interested in gaining any ground that it can and that ground might be people, in the case of possessions, might be property, it might be buildings, it might be rights to a family line. Whatever they can get people who have authority to give them rights to, they’ll go after.” How would that work? “Their power or activity is defined by the amount of permission we’ve given to them to be active. So for instance, if a person does a black mass in their living room, somebody on the other hand might play around with EVP, or spirit boards, divination of some kind. And when it comes to things you need your hands to do like diving rods, or board games or pendulums, you’re implicitly telling the spirit I give you permission to enter my body and move it. And it’s not going to be an angel or human spirit. And that’s why we see problems with these things,” said Adam.   PLEASE CLICK ON THIS SITE TO SEE THE ENTIIRE ARTICLE.  http://fox8.com/2014/04/28/chilling-inside-a-demon-house.

LENNY'S NOTE:  I have a friend who purchased a house and in this house, books were falling off shelves for  no reason; there was  a bad smell on the staircase at a particular time each day and her daughter (5 years old) was seeing a dark evil being who was scaring her.  I told her to get a priest in and to bless each one of the  rooms with Holy Water.  This completely took care  of the problem.  If you have evil activity taking place in your house, have the house blessed and if that is not enough then call in a priest experienced with exorcism.  Evil activity can and will escalate if you don't do something about it. .

And remember we do not presume that all spirits are good or evil. “My dear friends, not every spirit is to be trusted, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets are at large in the world” (1Jn 4:1).  You will know them by their fruits.  Please keep in mind that people with the best of intentions have played around with pendulums, spirit boards or many of the other forms of divination.  This is potentially an opening to the dark spirit world and anything can come in, even something masquerading as good.   People who practice necromancy are conjuring up spirits of the dead for the purpose of knowing the future or influencing future events. The Book of Deuteronomy speaks against necromancy:  "Let there not be found among you---one who consults ghosts and spirits or seeks oracles from the dead" (Dt. 18:10-11).   If you want to make sure your not doing this, then go to an all merciful God, Jesus and the Saints, through Christian prayer.