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107 You will know the truth and the truth will set you free (Jn 8:32). IS MARY A DIETY?

Josh, Mary as a deity is not Catholic teaching, but Protestant teaching about Catholicism. There are many things wrong with your allegations about the Church. You have left the Church under false pretenses. You, like so many, have left the Church without using Catholic books and sources to see if there were antidotes to the many anti-Catholic allegations. 

But of course, there is a huge movement of Catholics back to the Church and Evangelicals coming into the Church because they finally realized that the Catholic Church is the Church founded by Jesus and the Apostles.   The Church worldwide grew by 14 million last year and tens of thousands were Evangelical Christians, who came to the Catholic Church for Biblical reasons. 

When Scott Hahn converted from Evangelical Christianity, his wife sent his friends to save Scott from the clutches of the Catholic Church.   Scott asked his friends if they had ever read a full book in defense of the Catholic faith.  They admitted that none of them had ever read a book about the Catholic faith from cover to cover.  Their source for Catholic understanding, all came from anti-Catholic sources.    

Now , of course, they have to read from Catholic sources because this is the reason Scott joined the Catholic Church.   They gave Scott some titles of books and Scott gave them some titles.  In the end Scotts friends, who were supposed to save Scott from the Catholic Church also became Catholic and so did Scotts wife, Kimberly.  If you wish to have any credibility among Catholics then you must read from Catholic sources and then if you criticize, you will be representing the Church accurately.   A book I would recommend is, “Catholicism and Fundamentalism” by Karl Keating.   Actually some are afraid to read this book. 

I started this discourse by saying; Mary as a deity is not Catholic teaching but Protestant teaching about Catholicism.   Josh had you been using Catholic sources you would never have said that Catholics deify Mary.  You claim to believe the Bible and yet the Bible doesn’t make Mary a deity.  The Catholic Church doesn’t make Mary into a deity.   And so where does it come from; it comes from anti-Catholic sources.   

A typical methodology by the anti-Catholic sources is to misrepresent the Catholic faith and then to disagree with their own misrepresentation.   How intellectually dishonest is that.   Josh, Jesus said “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”   You are not there yet.