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113 Sharon Breuer does not like “ALL THOSE EXTRA BOOKS” sad for her!

Sharon, like so many who use the King James Bible, doesn't know the history of it.  “ALL THOSE EXTRA BOOKS” that you are talking about were in the original 1611 King James Bible.   They did not begin to remove these books till 1825.  Why were they in there?  It was because they were always in the Christian Bibles from the fourth century on, when th...e Canon of the Bible was fully determined.  

Some Protestants, who are less than knowledgeable about history, make the accusation that the Catholic Church added books to the Bible at the Council of Trent 1546.  This allegation actually becomes humorous once you realize that not only did the Church not add these books, but Protestants never actually removed them till the 19th century.   

What right did Protestant Biblical societies have to begin removing parts of the Bible as late as 1825?  They were even in the Protestant Pulpit Bibles till they end of the 19th Century.  Do you have a newer watered down version of the KJB or do you have a copy of the original 1611 version like I do?  Go down to your local Protestant bookstore and they can order a copy for you and then you will have ALL THOSE EXTRA BOOKS that later Protestant Biblical societies threw out. 

There is a huge exodus of Evangelicals coming out of Evangelical churches into the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Churches.  When intelligent, thoughtful, Bible believing Protestant scholars discover that they were taught false history about the Bible and the Catholic Church, they ultimately run into the arms of the very Church founded by Jesus and the Apostles.