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I Was a Pagan Hedonistic Man Hating Feminist, But Now Im Catholic.             This Is My Story

CATHERINE QUINN:  After all my years of searching for the truth, I had found it.   I finally found my friend Jesus again, in his absolute fullness and origin.   I learned the value and true beauty of being a woman. In the purest sense I discovered my real right to choose. I love my church. I love my family. I love my parish. I love my priest. And I am so very, very thankful to be home. 

AND HERE IS THE REST OF THE STORY:  http://www.aleteia.org/en/religion/article/i-was-a-pagan-hedonistic-man-hating-feminist-but-now-im-catholic-this-is-my-story-5228137625419776?

I met a group of people who believed in pagan deities, which was also new to me. I became exposed to feminist ideology as well. Among them, I never felt the joy I had felt with Jesus, but I was intensely informed that he did not exist. Christianity was a false religion built on the pagan faith, they told me, and it disempowered and hated women. Catholics, they claimed, were the worst of offenders. I was referred to writers like Simone de Beavoir, Gloria Steinem, Camille Paglia, etc. 

I had developed a hatred of men, patriarchy, and what I thought Catholics represented. I thought they were thieves and oppressors of women. They were the worst kind, and I swore I'd never go near them.  I kept digging, and was mightily surprised to find that the Catholic Church's teachings regarding social justice issues, contraception, and abortion matched my own. I was also very surprised to discover their view of Mary, women, and the importance of the traditional family unit. I started to feel something that I couldn't describe, but resisted. And then there was Jesus in the center of everything. I was so overjoyed to know that Jesus existed there.