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It was fascinating the other day to see an article from the British Broadcasting Company saying that the dead through history may far outnumber those now alive: counting all the baby deaths, back 50,000 years, one estimate claims 107 billion deceased, through history, versus seven billion alive now on earth -- fifteen dead for every living. Fans of science fiction may recall the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey, where it says, "Behind every man now alive stand thirty ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living."  

We're not sure about "ratios," but we recall St. Padre Pio once saying he was visited by more people who were deceased than living!  

In this regard, we get mail from those who've had experiences they believe came from the "other side." Some are subtle. Events are orchestrated -- in ways we can't understand. Some are right there in front of you.  

"My mother Catherine died in 1986 from lung cancer," wrote  Tricia Liesen of Ohio. "I was twenty-four years old. I had just met Richard, the man who would become my husband prior to her death. She never met him as she died before he and I started dating seriously.    

"The night before we got married, in July of 1988, I had a dream about my wedding. In the dream I was walking down the aisle with Richard in the church where we were married, St. Mary's in Warren. Standing in the last pew smiling with a great big smile was my mother.  

"The day of my marriage -- as I we walked down the isle, after the Mass ended -- standing in the last pew, was an aunt who was my  mother's sister. She had gone to the back of the church due to a coughing spell and did not want to make a disturbance. She was  wearing my mother's pink suit, which my dad had passed on to her, and was in the same spot where my mother stood in my dream!"  

 A number of accounts we have received, of late, have to do with unborn children -- which should give pause to those who favor abortion.  

"I would like to relate my 'coincidence' story for you," said Debbie Coash. "I was pregnant about ten years ago and was going to suffer a miscarriage, but didn't realize it until after what seemed a 'coincidental thing' occurred to me. 

"As I say, I was about a month along into my pregnancy.  

"I came home from work on the bus one late afternoon, went to my car, and immediately noticed a necklace pendant of a little girl that seemed to be placed on the ground right in front of my car door, where I would surely see it.

"It had a funny feeling about it -- like someone had intentionally placed it there for me. Even stranger, as I picked it up to look, there was something about the little girl that seemed to be saying good-bye to me. It was as if I had been given a good-bye gift. 

"I never made any connection to my pregnancy, although I did take the pendant home with me.  I felt I should keep it, for some reason. 

"Later on that evening, as I was preparing to leave for a concert, suddenly a terrible feeling came over me, literally, like some unseen lightning bolt inside me -- for a minute, a feeling of stark terror, out of the blue, and the feeling:  my baby inside me had just died.  I just stood stunned for a minute, having a hundred thoughts go through my head, trying to convince myself it was all my imagination and everything was fine. The next thing I knew, I had someone behind me -- a giant angel! It was an angel of death.  I don't know how I know this. I did not turn around to look, but I could feel it very strongly behind me. It was not present for my eyes to see, but I saw it interiorly. It was a dark, robed figure, no wings or halo or anything, no face, just a large, dark figure, I would estimate about seven-feet tall and wide. It literally placed its hand on my shoulder and I knew it was there to come for my baby. It was a very gentle angel, even though it was so large and dark, a hidden angel, very quiet. I knew there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it. I think by placing its hand on my shoulder, it was trying to console me and also tell me the matter was out of my hands.  

Then it was gone. "I was very troubled the rest of the night, all through the concert and dinner, as well.  In spite of everything, even seeing the angel, I tried to convince myself that none of it had happened. But soon I began to bleed very hard and I knew all was lost.  In retrospect, I know that little pendant on the ground had truly been placed there for me as a good-bye gift from my baby. I never officially knew the sex of my child, but because the pendant was of a little girl, I believe I was carrying a little girl. I gave her a name and told it to Jesus in a prayer.  Many might think the pendant was just something that fell on the ground, but I know better." 

Angels? "The experience I would like to tell you about happened over 35 years ago when I was a young mother with three little boys," wrote Dolores S. Kozlowski. "It was a morning in February. My husband had bought new tires for the family car. He wanted to have the tires balanced. The man we bought the tires from told us to break in the tires for a week or so and then come back for the balancing.   

"The children and I were going to accompany my husband to his work and then I would drive the car to the service station for the tire balancing. I was apprehensive because the weather man predicted a possibility of snow. The return trip I had to drive was northbound on I-95 from Baltimore to Edgewood, Maryland.  

"Everything was fine until I entered I-95 and hit a icy spot on the merge lane. My three sons were in the back seat and the car did a spin. I was taught to steer into the skid but it did not help. We skidded across three lanes of traffic and came to a stop on the left hand shoulder of the northbound lane -- facing oncoming traffic! 

"I was terrified and shook up. The boys were so scared they did not make a sound. We sat there for a few minutes while the traffic flew past us and I tried to settle my nerves. I wondered how I would ever get turned around and back on my way.   When I calmed down a little and stopped shaking I noticed that we were inches from a deep unguarded ditch. The ditch was probably fifteen feet deep and we were perched at the very edge of it. We were really in a pickle and I really began to pray. 

"Just then two 18-wheeler  tractor-trailer trucks entered on the same merge lane. 

"The drivers looked and looked at me. I thought they were probably thinking how stupid I was. But to my surprise they both pulled over on the right shoulder, got out, and walked across the road like they were walking across their living rooms. They never hesitated or ran or dodged traffic. They simply walked across the road as if there was no traffic at all. The two drivers came over and asked me if we were okay. I said we were all right but scared and I didn't know how to get back on the road. They told me not to worry; they would help. 

"One was a black man and the other was a white man. Their trucks were not from the same shipping company. One driver walked into the road again held up his hands and stopped traffic. Then the other told me exactly how to turn my steering wheel, when to stop, just how much to go in reverse and so on and so on until I was back on the road facing in the right direction. By now the snow was falling harder and the road had a dusting. They told me to wait there and they would drive with me awhile to make sure everything was ok. One driver got in front of me and the other pulled behind me and served as a escort of sorts. Only then, after we began moving did the waiting traffic begin to move. All that time no one moved, no one beeped their horn or interfered or complained. 

"I drove on down the road with the truck in front of me and the other behind me. About half way home I glanced into the rearview mirror and the truck behind me was gone. When I looked back to the road in front of me the truck in front of me was gone too. There was no exit or place for them to turn off. They simply disappeared. That was when I was convinced that the two men who helped me were angels. I told my parish priest about this and half expected him to doubt me but he said that the Bible tell us angels do indeed walk the earth.  I only wonder if they were my sons guardian angels or mine..." 

Wrote Evelyn Huegel  of Palm Harbor, Florida: "This is a story my grandmother told our family a long time ago. She lived to be 103. She lost her husband when he was still very young and had to raise their seven children alone after he was gone.  She had a hard time trying to care for that many children as she had no skills to hold a job. After her children were grown, they married and moved away and she ended up alone living in a third floor walk-up. Her youngest son looked after her but had to work. He would stop by in the mornings and evenings and helped the best he could. One late afternoon she decided to go into town on the streetcar. After shopping and walking around the stores she went out to the street to catch a streetcar home.   She was confused and wasn’t sure she was on the right corner.  It was starting to get dark and she didn’t know what to do or where to go.  "Suddenly two women in white dresses appeared on the sidewalk next to her and helped her into a big black car. They drove her to her apartment and helped her out of the car. When she turned to thank them, there was no one there. 

"When I got married, grandma was in her eighties and couldn’t come to my wedding. So we all went to her apartment to see her; the bride and groom and my parents and brothers all went to the third-floor walk-up to show her my wedding dress.  

"As we sat about the room and talked grandma suddenly asked me who the girl in the white dress sitting next to me on the sofa was. There was no one sitting next to me and I told grandma that. She insisted there was a young girl in a white dress sitting next to me. We chalked it up to old age at the time. For years, after she died, I would think back to that day and wonder what she saw. It suddenly came to me that it must have been my little sister whom my mother had aborted and somehow Grandma saw her next to me on my wedding day. My mother had never told me about her abortion of a baby girl who would have been a teenager at the time I married. My aunt told me about it long after my mother died." 

On the issue of the unborn, as one viewer wrote: "Let us not forget the 1986 Super Bowl winning New York Giants. Here are some [pro-life] clips from a commercial they did two years after winning that Super Bowl. What is probably prophetic about it is that their Super Bowl was played in January 1987. Tight end Mark Bavaro talks about 'how many future champions will be killed before they see the light of day' while they were winning the big game that year. Around that same time a mother was being told to abort her child. She would've been maybe one to two months along in January 1987. She had her baby in August 1987. Now go look up Tim Tebow's birthday."